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Terms of Use

These terms of use are valid between TopMeteo Aviation Weather GmbH, Hauptstrasse 4, 14806 Planetal OT Locktow, Germanny (in short, TopMeteo) and you as the user. Users are exclusively individuals.

TopMeteo sells products for the analysis and forecasting of atmospheric conditions, hereinafter referred to as "products". The user is entitled to use the respective products supplied to him (where applicable, for a fee) for private, personal purposes and to copy the associated content temporarily to the memory of his computer/end device. Automated access or download of products is prohibited. The user is entitled to produce reproduction copies (e.g. forecast printouts) for his own private information purposes only. The user must ensure that his user name and password cannot be accessed by a third party. All other usage scenarios shall be subject to the express written consent of TopMeteo and this consent can be revoked at any time. TopMeteo reserves the right to prohibit access by the user indefinitely in the event of misuse or the justified suspicion of misuse. If you want to purchase licenses for a company please contact us at .

Products are usually manufactured using automation and in line with state-of-the-art technological developments. If products are created manually, this will be indicated explicitly. Due primarily to the complexity of the profession of weather forecasting, there can be no claim to the accuracy of analyses and forecasts, neither for products created via automation, nor those created manually. TopMeteo can provide no guarantee to the user of the accuracy, completeness, reliability, currency or usefulness of the products. In the case of products created manually, delivery may be delayed, or, further to prior notification, omitted, without any justification for a claim for compensation. The user shall not be entitled to make a liability claim based on the use or unavailability of the products. TopMeteo expressly excludes any liability or guarantee and shall not provide any form of compensation for damages whatsoever.

TopMeteo wishes to expressly indicate that TopMeteo is not an aviation weather service as part of flight safety services in the meaning of SES or of similar applicable legal provisions, and does not maintain any facilities or services that supply the aviation industry with weather forecasts, weather reports and weather observations, nor with any other weather information or data which is made available by countries or states for aeronautical purposes. The products also do not serve to warn or avert danger from storms and other weather hazards of any kind.