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Get weather information from Namibia immediately on your mobile phone with FlySat-Message. This is not about forcasts it's about current measuring data! While flying you get a solid view in the current weather situation.

For that we seperated Namibia in different squares. For each square you get a compressed weather information.
For instance:

  • b0 (blue sky without clouds) or
  • 1c1 (1/8 Cumulus clouds)


  • In the text message (left) you see the arranged combination of letters and digits (text block)
  • Such as 3C3 or 2s4
  • The --B-- defines the position of Bitterwasser
  • The text block 2C2 northwest of --B-- indicates the square of POKweni

Geographic orientation

  • Each text block in FlySat-message indicates one square in the grid (right)
  • In total we seperated Namibia into 30 single squares (five horizontal ones and six vertical ones)
  • Each has a size of 100km x 100km
  • So we cover 300km up north, down south and to the east and 200 km to the west
  • more

How it works

  • Activate and configure FlySat-Message
  • You choose the day you want to start. From that on you get an hourly text message during the day time (max. nine messages per day)

What does it cost?

  • With our one year subscription Weather Special Package (Namibia) for 69,90 €, 100 free text message are included
  • After the 100 text messages are used, every text costs 0,44 € (max. 3,69 € per day)
  • But the delivery stops automatically, if you do not have enough balance on your TopMeteo account!
  • You are interested in the text messages, but you do not want to have a subscription? Use our FlySat-Message only offer
  • Read more on our price site


text block
Cumulus cloud amount
Cloud information
b blue
c Cumulus, small
C Cumulus congestus
s shower
S shower, heavy
t thunderstorm
T thunderstorm, heavy
Total cloud amount
everything, which is not covered by clouds
Cirrus cloud amount
(empty) no Ci
- (minus) few Ci
= (equals) dense Ci

FlySat-Message control picture

  • Even from home it is easily possible to enjoy the message data on a special satellite picture
  • Daily from 9 UTC you have access to the FlySat-Message control picture
  • You find it under menu Satellite
  • more

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